- RE Activity session in Rhode Isalnd and Massachussets October, November, December 2013

- Salve Regina University - Newport (Rhode Island - USA)

Meeting with Dr. Quinn at Salve Regina University in order to discuss the possibility  of collaboration with department of Psychology to probably take place in summer 2014

- X International Congress Autism - Budapest  (Hungary)

RE Activity at X International Congress Autism - Budapest 26 - 27 - 28 Septe

- "Formare per aiutare" "Trainin to help"

training for family and professionals working with autistic children Altamura (italy) 13th September 2012

- United States of America

In August 2012, Grazia Ragone was invited to hold seminar to illustrate RE Activity at the following sites and Departments in Massachusetts, USA:

- Lurie centre (specialised for autism) of Massachussets' General Hospital - Doctor Margaret Bauman (Associate Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School; Director of LADDERS)

- Bay State Medical Centre in Springfield (Massachussets) - Doctor Lawrence Kaplan (pediatric - neurologist) 

- Children's Hospital (Dr. Richard K. Cuneo, MD Pediatric Health Care Associate)

The audience has shown great interest in RE Activity


Official Citation by Senate of Massachussets

"Colori" Cooperative - training at center Zoe (Montelupo Fiorentino)

The Colori cooperative shows own appreciation for innovation and application of the method RE Activity, recognizing its benefits on children with developmental disorders, including autism. These children are currently being followed by operators inside the Colori cooperative, who attended a training course in RE Activity long of 220 hours.

United Kingdom - Amigos (multi cultural pre school) in Brighton & Hove


Cheryl - teacher:
I was surprised of their reaction to the activity. There was nothing there to see or touch and they used their imagination. It gave them a space and they used it. Also I found the sound very touching.

Debbie - teacher:
It's a very powerful tool and to me very emotional. The children responded to it without realizing . There was a general connection within the room.

Monica - teacher:

I found the approach having a great potential as used in its simplest form has such an impact on the children: it 's empowering and extremely creative!I can only imagine what a practitioner could do with it!