• CNR - Pisa (Italy)

    Grazia Ragone commissioned to the CNR of Pisa the realization of the software Activity. 

  • IRCCS - Fondazione Stella Maris (Italy)

    The IRCCS Stella Maris furnished human resources necessary for testing RE Activity.

  • CIRID - University of Roma "La Sapienza" (Italy)

    Play4growth (existed as Mousikessere) has entered into a research agreement with the Interdisciplinary Scientific Centre for Integrated Research on Disability and Technology for Autonomy, in collaboration with the Department of Psychology of "The Sapienza" University of Rome.

          Collaboration with MousikEssere and Colori:two companies to achieve a common   therapeutic goal.
          Testing RE Activity with conTatto software during th eplay with neuro tipycal children at EYF stage.