RE Activity (Relational Expressive theory with software Activity) is a way to help people improving their relational and communicative skills, using specifically designed equipment. RE Activity will help your child learning agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination skills appropriate to their age whilst having fun in a relaxed and creative environment.  A structured and tailored RE Activity programme has been designed to build with every child the self-confidence and develop essential listening and language skills. Supervised by a trained staff in a fun and caring environment.



Also this approach has been tested for rehabilitate ASDs children through sounds, movements and specific exercises. It consists of cycles of four modules characterized by particular sounds and psychomotor exercises, increasing in complexity, which contribute to the psychomotor integration of the child. By using a special software called “Activity”, each child involved in the therapeutic process is able to retrace the stages of psychomotor development, starting from the intrauterine environment evoked by sounds typical of prenatal life.

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