The company's goal is to work togheter with children and their families to address issues such as relational, expressive, cognitive, motor that impact daily life actvities.


The company promotes RE Activity (Relational Expressive Activity) which includes Dance, as therapeutic and educational tools, Yoga and relaxation techniques to enhance children' skills. We love being creative and having the opportunity to be creative with special people.


RE Activity is a fun and interactive process that enhances the development of self esteem, social interactions, play skills, planning and motor coordination.


The company has been involved in the delivery of training to staff  in-service, in the use of non-aversive and invasive strategies to manage challenging situations and more specifically challenging behaviours.

RE Activity uses a software commissioned to the National Council Research, useful in the analysis of behavioural patterns emerging during the session with children. The software has been updating becoming a package that assist professionals in the analysis of patterns and trends of behaviours, expression and relation.

Working on children strengths and talents rather than focussing on their difficulties has been the core of our work.


RE Activity encourages the children to develop cnfort, confidence and coordination in a safe and fun environment.

 After collaborating with relevant social health in Italy, currently the company is working in England and a number of social care in the U.S.


MIC. llc - Brokering Scientific Solutions - is business representative and business manager for Play4growth for the US and other Countries.

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